Zombies Welcome?

This post was inspired by a post by @MRsalakas entitled, BEING BETWEEN PARADIGMS HAS CAUSED THE RISE OF THE EDU WALKING DEAD!  While I make no comment on the views of the blog, I did bristle when the author replied to my tweet which was “Interested in how you use evocative language to position those who don’t embrace the 21c beliefs as ‘unthinking’ others”. Brett replied that I had missed “the whole point of the need to be inclusive and bring everyone into an open discussion”.

The focus of the post is that we are ‘live in a time of transition’.  We are ‘between paradigms’. During this transition, there are some educators who have switched off. ‘The Edu Walking Dead are people who have switched off from the concept of 21st century pedagogical practice’. So we have a clear position here. If you don’t believe in the concept of 21c pedagogical practice, you are a zombie. I have no problem with this point of view, but that’s not calling for inclusivity in any fashion. It’s clearly us and clearly them.

It goes on, their ‘zombie like minds think thoughts only of Back to the basics.’ Zombie like minds? Sorry, in my opinion not the language of someone who values inclusivity in this area?  I don’t see how you hope to set up an open discussion by labeling non-believers as zombies.

‘Education nation is one of the first conferences where the Australian Education Sector can sit down and have a frank, open and honest discussion about our future direction’. If that is the goal of the conference, this blog sorely missed the mark in espousing these views. If you want frank, open honest discussion, people will need to use inclusive language, rather than polarizing divisive terms. Anything else is preaching to the converted.

If you have read this far thank you and well done.



7 thoughts on “Zombies Welcome?

  1. The post was obviously aimed at all the Educool-kids that only contribute in 140 characters and motivational posters. To them the other world of pre21st Century pedagogy is a frighteningly drab place where unicorns can’t possibly survive. Like Boomers shading Millennials, only in reverse. I’m half tempted to go to Education Nation, just to watch the punch on.


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