Reasons Why Teachers Must be Entrepreneurs

None, they shouldn’t be, it’s  bullshit.

If you are a follower of Australian Edutwitter, you would be aware you can’t go 5 minutes without someone tweeting about students needing 21st century skills such as innovation, collaboration and creativity etc. There will of course be the ubiquitous edu/intra/teachpreneur or one of the dozens of different type of preneurs we apparently need teachers and students to be. There is just one small problem with this type of talk, it’s bullshit. Let’s bounce.

The edupreneur 21c crowd love to drag out the tired phrase ‘Factory modeling of school’ which for the most part is an invented history , nonetheless the idea is that we can’t run schools just to churn out workers like we used to. Often in the same breath, subsequent to prattling on about industrial era education, we are then told what employers are looking for and we must give students the aforementioned 21c skills. Same model different factories apparently.

I won’t get in to the argument about whether creativity and innovation are especially important in the 21st century, other than to say the ancient Romans were my favourite innovative and creative society.  So next time you see a tweet about teachers needing to be some kind of made up word ending in ‘preneur’, politely ask them “Why do they think this?”  Then grab a shit proof virtual umbrella, because the crap is about to fly!

If you have read this far, thank you and well done.

MJ @seminyaksunset


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